J. Woeste

J. Woeste in Los Olivos is that rare store where it’s almost as much fun to hang out as it is to shop - just ask the local who likes to nap here at noon. But if the napping’s good, the shopping’s better. People love surprises, and they’re everywhere at this 17-year-old indoor-outdoor store, which has become a must-stop for visitors and a favorite with locals. It’s a place to take your time, get lost and discover. “It’s like a treasure chest with a lot of whimsy,” says proprietor Jefferson Woeste. Succulents, a specialty, are ubiquitous, arranged in diverse containers and combined with each other and with decorative elements in dozens of mini-vignettes. Turn a corner and a new theme emerges - angels, Buddhas, frogs, birds, turtles. There’s even a hen house, and Jefferson’s two friendly dogs. The merchandise changes constantly. You can buy the biggest, most resonant wind chime ever, garden pavers in the shape of flip flops, a vivid green sculpted metal aloe plant, shovels with scenes cut out from the blades, glass and ceramics, statues, wind catchers, lamps and interior accessories, unique seasonal pieces, the best African violets and Reiger begonias, and much more. There’s a lot to see, so catch that nap before you arrive.

2356 Alamo Pintado Avenue
Los Olivos, CA 93441