Angel Oak

No matter how good the company at the table might be, it’s easy to get distracted by the sweeping Pacific Ocean views and watercolor sunsets when dining at Angel Oak, the world-renowned Bacara Resort and Spa’s latest culinary jewel. However, once the first plate from classically trained Parisian Chef Vincent Lesage is placed, the focus becomes the food. The simple perfection of dishes like Hamachi Crudo enlivened by a subtle chili oil, and a hint of mint and cilantro, or the dry aged New York steak served with shaved black truffle and brown butter, exemplify the melding of traditional steakhouse fare, with a fresh, imaginative, and thoroughly modern approach. And then there’s the wine. Nearly 12,000 bottles fill the cellar, constituting a very approachable roster of old- and new-world wines. The award-winning decor and design of the restaurant are undoubtedly dramatic and upscale, but the organic design elements keep the vibe welcoming and relaxed. Deftly named, with Angel representing heaven and Oak representing the earth, Angel Oak is quite simply heaven on earth.

8301 Hollister Avenue