Ca Dario Pizzeria

This December Ca’Dario Pizzeria will celebrate four years of serving some of the best authentic Italian pizza in town in a Soho-style space two doors from the ever-popular Ca’Dario Ristorante.
Chef-owner Dario Furlati offers great pizza at great prices, using the best Italian ingredients and local farmers market produce. His goal is always to serve “the original - what you find in Italy.”
The pizzeria is its own restaurant with its own bar, but it remains close to its sibling. If Ca’Dario is full when you come for dinner without reservations, you can wait in the pizzeria over a glass of wine or beer, or enjoy a full meal - a pizza, a salad, and maybe one of the nightly entrée specials. The room is also fantastic for private parties.
Furlati, who hails from Lake Como, has recently experienced that old “sincerest form of flattery” in seeing imitations of his pizza nera (black) pop up around town. Like the other menu offerings, that innovation - colored with squid ink, topped with mixed seafood and available in an outstanding gluten-free version if you like - is pizza not as a fallback option, but as a leap forward in good taste.

29 East Victoria Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101