Kayaking the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands National Park offers some of the best kayaking, snorkeling and hiking opportunities in California. Beautiful marine life, pristine kelp forests, rugged coastline and hidden sea caves make the Channel Islands a world-class destination. Santa Barbara Adventure Company offers both day and overnight trips for beginner to the advanced kayakers. Trips take off from the Ventura Harbor and cross the Channel often spotting whales and dolphins read more...


High Ropes Course

Take Your Team to New Heights The High Ropes Course is one of Santa Barbara Adventure Company’s most exciting and inspirational programs. Supported by harnesses and fellow teammates, individuals climb high on ropes, cables and planks. The challenges call upon every team member to participate, presenting opportunities for self-discovery and team growth. read more...


Skate Park

Located along the waterfront on Cabrillo Blvd. is the cities skate park. This park was in the planning stages for many years, and is a prime destination for kids of all ages. Complete with everything a skate boarder could desire, the park has ramps, rails and bowls. Located just south of Stearns Wharf, situated next to the beach views of the ocean and mountains abound. Just watching provides great entertainment as well. Early weekend mornings are reserved on the honor system for younger children. Helmets are required and admittance is free.



Established in 1882, this thirty-seven acre estate is a living museum of gardens. The gardens now cover the estate of Madame Ganna Walska who owned the property from 1941 until her death in 1984. With a wealth of exotic trees, palms and other subtropical plants, Lotusland provides delightful surprises with its labyrinth of landscape adventures through bold forms and unusual color combinations. Call in advance for reservations. 695 Ashley Road • 805.969.9990 •