Chapala and Parker

Meet Katie Koski, owner of beloved clothing boutique Chapala & Parker. Her commitment to style and offering au courant goods at an easy price point turned a weekend pop-up shop into a permanent locale. Below she talks about her light-filled, Sevilla Square store, how she defines Santa Barbara style, her favorite fashion season, and more.  

Pop Up to Permanent 
My younger sisters and I had a successful weekend pop up boutique here, with clothing and my sister Jill’s hand-made jewelry line. We had a great time, so when the opportunity to create a full-time boutique came up we went for it! And seven years later, here we are in the same great space. 

Enjoying the Ride 
The boutique, along with my life, has evolved so much since opening. We love keeping up with the latest styles and trends while still maintaining our special Chapala & Parker vibe. The collections we bring in continue to get better and better. Also, I was seven months pregnant with my first child when we opened, and I now have two kids with my husband, who by the way, is a lifelong SB local. We love raising our family here and continue to grow, thrive, and enjoy the ride!

The C&P Experience
The first thing most customers notice is how beautiful and inviting the store is. Everyone loves the large windows that perfectly frame the cross street corner and our namesakes, Chapala and Parker. Next, they notice the selection of surprisingly affordable, easy-to-wear clothing and our helpful and friendly girls. Our sweet spot is airy, stylish, and always on-trend without feeling trendy.

Luxe Not Bust 
With years of experience attending trade shows and developing relationships with showrooms in L.A. we’ve not only learned how to source high-quality items with reasonable price points, but also how to spot one-of-a-kind well-priced luxe pieces not seen at other area boutiques. At Chapala & Parker, you can buy one of the adorable wallets we carry and still have money left to put in it!

On SB Style
Santa Barbara is a unique, eclectic place, and I think the style here reflects that. How each individual expresses that differs, so we strive to have items for our diverse clientele. But, if we are talking about an overall vibe, the outdoor lifestyle and beautiful year-round weather here play into how people dress. It’s relaxed and California beachy but in an SB specific lifestyle way. Everything, from the surf and equestrian cultures, Farmer’s Market Saturdays, to casual dining and wine tasting, mix to make it feel bohemian and even a bit hippy, but with classic and polished elements.

Fave Fall Look 
The fall/winter fashion season is my absolute favorite! I love all of the chunky knits we currently have - don’t ask me to choose just one - paired with some fabulous dark wash jeans, and cute booties. Of course, I’d also throw some stripes in there somewhere. 

350 Chapala Street 805.962.1115